Lekuk 50 Tumbi Lempur Village

lekuk_50_tumbi_lempur_village.jpgThis village had potential adventure of nature and culture attraction. This village was surrounded by hills and mountains. One of the mountains near Lempur Village is Betuah Mountain that had uniqueness as the mountain that really difficult to climbed. The local community and foreign tourists make an effort but still not yet could be conquered.
In the area around the Betuah Mountain was gotten 5 lakes that still natural characteristically, the colour of water and the kind of fish that were different to each one of lakes. For example the Kaco Lake, could be found Semah Fish and had water interface was blue.
Adat Forest could be found also on foot of Betuah Mountain, that local community acknowledged him as the Ulu Air Forest. The Lempur community applied traditional sanctions that were tight for the vandal the Ulu Air Forest.
When being finished the harvest, Lempur Community held the Party agenda of People Village, called the Kenduri Sko (Sko Ceremonial Meal) that was carried out every year by putting forward the Tauh Dance and all the villagers eating together.
In certain period, the momentum of Kenduri Sko also carried out the Depati Appointment Procession with Ritual (procession) Mandi Bersantan.
In Lempur Mudik Village, was gotten the Depati Parbo defence fortress, a Hero of the Kerinci Struggle that fought blocked the Netherlands from Bengkulu. This war was known as the Menjuto War.

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