Legong Dance

legong-dancce.jpgLegong is a classical Balinese dance group that has a very complex motion pembendaharaan tied with drum accompaniment structure which allegedly represents the influence of dance. Legong word comes from the word “leg” which means a graceful dance movements, or bending, and “gong”, which means the musicians. “Legong” thus implies a bound of dance movements (especially aksentuasinya) by gamelan accompaniment. Gamelan music used to accompany dance called Legong Gamelan Semar Pagulingan.
Legong Kraton, the palace was developed in Bali in the 19th century the second half. It is said that the idea started from a prince from Stanger who was very ill in a state of dreaming to see two girls dancing with graceful beautifully accompanied by gamelan. When the prince had recovered from his illness, his dream was contained in the full repertoire of dances with gamelan.

In accordance with its humble beginnings, the raw Legong dancer are two girls who have not had a period, danced under the full moon light in the palace yard.
legong dance2 Legong Dance Bali legong kuntul half body 300×240 Legong Dance Bali Both dancers, called Legong, always equipped with a fan as a tool. In some Legong dance there are additional dancer, called biased, which is not equipped with a fan.

In the development of the age, Legong had lost popularity in the early 20th century by the proliferation of dance forms Kebyar from the northern part of Bali. New revitalization efforts began in the late 1960s, by digging back to the reconstruction of old documents.

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