Lawean Penampehan

Lawean Waterfall is one of Tulungagung tourism potency that reside in Turi sub-village, Geger village, Sendang district about 25 km to west from town of Tulungagung, part of Wilis slope with about 1200 m height to sea surface.
To reach the location, we must walk for about 3 km passes the beautiful panorama of the hilly and nine times wade river in maiden forest. This waterfall is about 100 m height, have terrace and branching.

Who is bath in this waterfall, it is believed by community local, will recover from any disease. Myth of "Mbok Roro Dewi Gangga", "Mbok Roro Cemethi", "Mbok Roro Wilis" and "Mbok Roro Endang Sampur" trusted as the waterfall ruler.

On the other side, still in Sendang area, there is Pandan Wangi waterfall, which has about 30 m height and located in one area with tea plantation area of Sumber Pandan in Nglurup village.

Because its typical road towards this tourism object, go up, go down, smooth, steep, and infiltrate coppice, hence it very compatible for tour climber and nature lover. In this waterfall area, there are many orchid plants.
Not far from Lawean Waterfall there is Temple Penampehan that located in Geger village, Sendang district. To reach the temple, we can use four wheels vehicle. The terrace temple building is protected by ancient Kalpataru tree. An inscription plate of King Balitung in IX century mention the existence of four castes; "Kili Suci" statue, "Asmoro Bangun" statue, "Paddy" statue, myth of "Tirta Amerta" which trusted able to heal various disease.

Tan Tek Sue Cave, " Genceng" Argo Wilis lodge, and fruit of "Bajul" durian are completed the object that make impressed in Lawean Penampehan Sendang area.

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