Lau Kawar Lake

Because the invitation was send by the village chief no one dare to refuse the invitation except an old woman, the mother of the village chief. This woman was alone in the house, while all of her child and grandchild went to the party. Continuously some faint drum voices from time to time could be heard from her bed. Around midday the danced was stopped for lunch break. The village chief and the whole villagers were having luxurious and abundant lunch. Beef and goat as well as pig and chicken were served in the meals; everyone was full, satisfied and happy. But this was just the first day.

After resting for a moment, the dancing and singing was continued came guided by the village chief’s child. Strangely while dancing in the afternoon the village chief called his small child, apparently he remembered his mother who was left was alone and hungry at home. Rice with decent side dishes was prepared. The small child was told to deliver it to his grandmother house. However unfortunate fate once again fell on the grandmother, he forgot to delivered the lunch in time, even food he should be delivering was opened by him in the middle of the road and all beef, goat, chicken, and pig was eaten until only the bones left and then the grandchild packed the bone into the original parcel.

Although the lunch was arrived very late on the afternoon but the grandmother still smile to her grandchild who came to bring the lunch. After delivering the lunch, the grandchild then returns the field immediately. Thus the old woman with great difficulty got up from the bed to eat. But when the parcel in opened the grandmother startled because there are only bones in it. For a long time the baffled grandmother gazed at the parcel, did not realized his tear fell wetted his wrinkled cheek. Indeed the grandmother’s fate was poor. The child whom she raised into a respected village chief has forgot his mother. The grandmother’s conscience was very sad, disappointed and angry. She cried, and swore “I who give birth and raised you, till you have the respected position evidently you could not respect your own parents, this mother’s milk as the witness my child, for that is swore” her tears continued to fell on her cheek. Not long afterwards the words of this unfortunate grandmother was granted, dark dew began to close the sky, as the day got dark. Lightning and the thunder swarmed continuously. The whole citizen who was celebrating the party began to panic; moreover the rain began to pour down rapidly.

The party was ended instantly; the entire citizen ran looking for a sheltering place. But the rain does not care, the rain continuously poured down for seven day and seven the night, then suddenly a flood happened. Kawar village that located precisely under Sinabung Mountain Foot was sunk. Nothing could be saved. Kawar village then became a lake, which today known as the Lau Kawar Lake.

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