Lange Beach, the Untouched Exoticism Aceh Besar – Banda Aceh

Lange Beach is one interesting place where two fountains spout from behind the crags. The spot is famously named Ie Rah Beach, located at Lam Lhom Village, Aceh Besar.

Its hidden beauty reflects the untouched exoticism. Many local backpackers are curious to travel its charm, with paddy field and carvy hills along the way.

You can passed through the Lampuuk Beach entry gate and rested awhile in Rahmatullah Mosque, to which it had survived the devastating tsunami in 2004, despite located in the shoreline.

Half an hour later then finally arrived in the hill where the trip ended. Several big pandan trees beautify the natural scenery. Indian Ocean stretched as far as the eye can see. The perfect rounded sun gracefully set. The shoreline under, clean and pure, turned yellow. Lange Beach was a long canvas ready to be painted in twilight.

Enjoying the natural scenery in Lange and Ie Rah is free of charge. If you would like to go there, do not forget to bring logistics and overnight equipments. It takes at least two giant mineral water bottles per person a night. Ask permission to the locals at the nearest village before heading to Lange, and it would be better if they could become the travel companions as well.

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