Lakeba Beach – Buton Island

Lakeba beach is located in the Regency of North Buton, Southeast Sulawesi Province. To reach this beach, if you come from outside the island of Buton then it could be reached by plane or ship. There are several choices of airlines towards the town of Bau-Bau which usually operate every day and as for which only operate five times a week. Route can be reached through: Jakarta-Makassar-Baubau and Baubau.

In addition to using the aircraft, to get to the island of Buton can also use the ship’s National Sailing Indonesia. The length of a sea voyage from Jakarta to Bau-Bau taken for 3 days. Meanwhile, from Makassar traveled for 13 hours.

Lakeba beach on the island of Buton has the characteristics of clear water, white sand, and clean environment. The beach is excellent for benjemur by day, swim, dive and enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Besides as a tourist attraction, is also becoming a place Lakeba Coast fishing activities at the time of going to sea so that fishing activity can be observed by any tourists on this beach. The facilities offered at the resort with beach Lakeba traditional house architecture which provides the Buton Children Play Ground, Banana Boat, Jet Ski, Parasailing, and restaurant with live music. The menu is provided that is Indonesian food, American Food, and Chinese food. Location is approximately 4 miles from the center of Bau-Bau can be reached by taxi or rental car.

Lakeba Beach - Buton Island

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