Lake Toba, Popular Lake in Indonesia

Lake Toba is one of popular lake in North Sumatra, Indonesia. For Indonesian, it is strange if you never heard its lake. With beautiful scenery and fresh air, you will enjoy every second by exploring the lake. Early morning is the best time if you want to enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba. Cool and freezing air will accompany you but that is the beginning of your journey to explore one of beautiful lake in Sumatra Island.

Initially, you can climb the rock to reach the peak of mountain to watch Lake Toba from distance. At the foot of the hill, you will see an extraordinary panorama. You will have immense view there because you can see the stretch of blue water and buildings in the city. It is hard to imagine if there is a perfect spot like this unless you visit Lake Toba.

Lake Toba is located at North Sumatra and categorized as volcanic lake with 1.145 km2. Actually, its lake is more resemble to ocean than a lake. And when you come there, you can visit the only one island that is situated in the center of lake named Samosir Island that has elevate 1.000 meters above sea water and estimated formed by the explode of Toba Mountain around 73.000 – 75.000 years ago. Because of its beauty, some people agree if the lake become one of treasure for North Sumatra because visitors can enjoy the group of hills and comfortable atmosphere.

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