Lahilote Beach

According to legend, this sole stone is a young man sole named Lahilote, because he loves a fairy from fairyland named Boyilode Hulawa, he risking to steal shawl, the fairy wings, but on his household, Lahilote leaved by the princess to return to the fairyland.

For the twice, Lahilote risk to propose Princess Boyilode Hulawa to fairyland with the tip of miraculous cane help called Hutiya Mala. Meeting with his wife, was unique, and confused because the seventh of fairy, had same face and confess entirely named Boyilode Hulawa, so that it was difficult for him to determine who is the real Boyilode Hulawa. Because of firefly help that alighting on his wife bun, Lahilote find the princess. Based on the constitution on fairyland, it is say that whosoever become stripper and hair has grizzled, he must be returned to the world, because fairyland is not place of man who memilikiproses had old.

The princess had discharge her husband Lahilote and put him down by her grizzle hair, which knitted become a string. But between the earths and the sky, that grizzle string was broke, and Lahilote rapidly fall down to the earth in stand position. His right foot falls along Pohe beach Gorontalo city and his left foot was fall to Kwandang beach in Gorontalo regency.

This Lahilote legend hitherto still said by public as folklore for the hereinafter generation. Lahilote beach remain to be tourism object for Gorontalo public and foreign tourist.

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