Laguna Beach Ujung Lancang – Maluku

Laguna Beach is the beautiful hidden attraction in Tanggamus, Lampung. Laguna beach is not far from Kiluan Bay’s dock, or Dolphin Bay. To reach the location, we have to struggle and careful because we will climb the hills and over the rocks. There are some local guide to guide us and you can pay 5,000 IDR.

In Laguna are many rocks surrounding the beach with the view of the blue sea. A clear pool with a length of about 35 meters and a width of nearly 6 meters is immediately adjacent to the rocks. When the waves came in the sea, water will spill into the pool with a variety of colors. Do not be surprised when you swim in this pool, the water more salty than water in the sea, because the pool area accommodate sea water for some time before flowing again through the crevices of the rocks.

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