Labuhan Jukung Beach, Krui – West Lampung

Labuhan Jukung Beach is one of the mainstay tourism in West Lampung. Beautifully charming beach located in the City Krui, West Lampung is very famous for tourists both local and outside the region.

This is not only about the beautiful landscape, but also because of the position of Labuan Beach Jukung fairly strategic in Trails West Sumatra. Road users at Trails West Sumatra will certainly amazed when passing and not infrequently decided unwind at the beach trip.

In addition to the soft white sand and blue sea his cool, Labuan Beach Jukung also endowed with big waves. For surfers certainly could not resist the urge to immediately try to conquer the big waves roll.

Pantai Labuan Jukung also been equipped with facilities such as rest are, restaurant, car park are quite broad and simple lodgings will complete your visit .

To achieve this tourist spot is very easy. You can overland from Bandar Lampung about 4 to 5 hours drive and Trails West will take you to the beach. The relatively long journey can you travel by private car or public transport are pretty much available. Complete beach tour packages in West Lampung seems a pity to miss you.

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