Labuhan Bajo

Getting There

Everyday, there are two to three flights from Bali to Labuan Bajo by Transnusa, IAT (Indonesia Air Transport), and Merpati.  In addition, there is a twice a week flight from Kupang. Inter-island motorboats from Sape in West Nusa Tenggara are also available everyday (when the weather permits), and the Pelni ship from Bali and Lombok makes a stop over here every two weeks.

Land transportation from the East (Flores mainland e.g., Ruteng, Bajawa, Ende and Maumere) is also available.  If you are interested in making a long trip in Flores, you can start from Maumere to the west i.e., to Moni, Kelimutu, Ende, Bena, Bajawa, Ruteng and lastly Labuan Bajo (Komodo) or vice versa.

Getting Around

You can take a rented car or travel car from Komodo airport to any place on the Flores mainland.  The rate depends on your negotiation but currently it is about Rp500,000 per day.  Hotels can help you find a rented car.

For your mobility within the city, bemo (traditional public transportation) and motor taxis are available, but their business hours stop after 21:00.  If you want to go to nearby islands, such as Komodo and Rinca, rented motorboats and speed boats are available at the port.

To Do

Nearly all interesting sites in Labuan Bajo are located on islands at its front.  Most of these islands are unoccupied and you can go there for sunbathing, diving or snorkeling.  Bidadari Island has a beautiful beach for sunbathing.  Its water is good for snorkeling and diving.  Kanawa and Kukusan Kecil Islands are also good for snorkeling and diving.  In addition, Serayu island has white sand and beautiful corals.

To Stay

Labuan Bajo has many hotels for backpackers.  It also has expensive and luxurious hotels.  At present, Hotel Bintang Flores, (0385-42000/ located by Pede beach, is the best and most luxurious hotel in Labuan Bajo. This four-star hotel has a restaurant, bar, swimming pool, dive shop, and Internet facility.  Its rate is in US dollars.

Near the Hotel Bintang Flores is the Bajo Komodo Eco Lodge (0385-41391/  Near the port, there is the Gardena Hotel, Golo Hilltop, Chez Felix, Green Hill, Bajo Beach Hotel, and Hotel Wisata.  On Serayu and Kanawa islands, are the Serayu Island Bungalows and Kanawa Island Bungalows.

To Eat

Hotels usually have their own restaurants.  Restoran Gardena (at Hotel Gardena), for instance, is a favorite restaurant.  Here, you can find various types of European and Indonesian foods.  It is famous for its sweet & sour fish (Kerapu or tuna fish) and the amazing scenery during sunsets. Other restaurants among others are the Paradise Bar and Pub (near Golo Hilltop), Arto Moro, and Matahari (Paradise and Matahari have beautiful views during sunsets).

To Buy

You can buy souvenirs from kiosks and shops in Labuan Bajo, particularly on Yos Sudarso Street.  There, you can find local ikat and songket woven fabrics, and wooden komodo statues.


Please make sure you bring along anti-mosquito or anti-malaria medicine.  Labuan Bajo is a malaria endemic area. Please bring along sunblock, hat, and sunglasses.  It is very hot during the dry season.

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