Kutai National Park

There are several natural tourist activities offered in the KNP area, namely:
Kaba Gulf and Sangkimah Bay, such as marine tourism and wildlife observation, such as orangutans, sambar deer, Kanci, birds, sun bears, and proboscis monkey. Bay Estuary Sangata Lombok and, in the form of marine tourism and the observation that intact mangrove forests. Prevab Mentoko, in the form of research and observation of wildlife, such as orangutans, sun bears, deer, elk boast, and wild boar. Wind Cave hole, a cave tour.

In this region there is an inn KNP (lodging) that can be enjoyed by the visitors. In addition, KNP also has a number of other important facilities, such as camping grounds, speed boat or ship, research facilities, and others.

Travel can be reach by landline. Distance from Samarinda to the Bontang is 120 km with a travel time of 2.5 hours. Or it could be from Balikpapan to Bontang with 240 km distance or travel time of 4.5 hours. From Bontang, the journey then continued toward the Gulf Bala using speed boat which takes about 30 minutes.

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