Kupat Glabed

kupat_glabed.jpgRandugunting village become the icon of kupat "Glabed"Tegal. It’s called that caused made gravy kupat from mace mixture, mi . xed by coconut mink of flour til/jell, making vegetable kupat become the glabed, sweet and crispy, so that people integral, called kupat glabed. Usually Kupat Glabed is presented with Sate Bukur or Sate Sadel. Other village, Sumurpanggang, there is the type of kupat, Kupat Blengong. Kupat Blengong is kupat with the vegetable more transparent and is usually presented with Sate Blengong or Sate Bebek. We can find Kupat Bengong at periphery of rice field at Sawo Barat Street and in Tegal Sari.

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