If the capital city of Jakarta had a Fantasy World as one of the mainstays of tourism, the capital of Kutai Regency, Tenggarong have Kumala Island as a major public recreation area Kukar even people of East Kalimantan. The difference Dufan on the shoreline, while Kumala Island Recreational Park located in the middle of the river Mahakam. District Kukar was not only as Kabuten who have a wealth of mining materials, but more than that Kukar was also saving considerable tourism potential to be developed. One is a tourist attraction Kumala Island. Kumala Island Recreation Park (TRPK) was located in the management of the Local Government Kukar. But once it’s done in a professional management, is seen by the arrangement of the locations or tourist terihat rides very nicely to make the visitors will be amazed. Built since 2002, Kumala Island until recently has grown rapidly into a recreational park that became the center of a tourist destination for the people of East Kalimantan. No fewer than ten vehicles that you can enjoy the game, including a resort with a relatively affordable price. Kumala Island Recreation Park relaif easy to reach, because it was so close to the center of District Government Kukar, Tenggarong. Transportation to the island Kumala very easy, you can use a motor boat which only takes about two minutes from the port, for fear tourist who boarded the boat, any manager provide cable car. Both types of transport are set rates are very cheap and definitely affordable by all levels of society.

Kumala Island used to be a submerged island that is always empty when the Mahakam River overflowed up. In 2002 Pemkab Kukar reclamation and further build Kumala Island into a recreational park complete with a resort and transportation equipment. To enter the area Kumala Island Recreation Park you just need to pay Rp. 2000 for one entry, while to enjoy the rides in theme parks is the charge varies between Rp. 1500 s / d Rp. 10,000 for one game. There are about ten means that you can enjoy the game, just like Fantasy World in Jakarta, the Island Recreation Park Kumala provide games that are not much different as jet clotser, Bombom Car, Comedy swivel, Sky Tower even Gocart and cable car.

Tourist Park of Kumala Island is like a small Disneyland in East Kalimantan. Its location in the middle of an island increases its exotica and different impression when enjoying various facilities provided.

The most famous facility is Sky Tower where visitors could see the whole island and Tenggarong city from the 78 meter tall tower. Visitors claim the tower in an aquarium type of hexagonal room which slowly rotates so that they could see all over the island.

Other facilities provided among others are bumper cars, Lamin Beyoq, Lamin Mancong, and Lamin Wahau, Merry Go round, Lembuswana statue, fountain pond, Pesut Lake etc. If you wish to stay in the middle of the island, the park management provides a rental cottage, complete with a swimming pool and catering service.

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