Kukup beach

Kukup beach is located about 40 km south of Yogyakarta and across Wonosari. Kukup coast has beaches and natural scenery are very beautiful mountains. White sandy beaches yellowish also has caves that sheltered reefs, and sea-water ornamental fish are attracted. If you wish, visitors can ride to the edge of the cliff on the beach between the Baron and Kukup through the path.

Not far from there Kukup Beach fish market selling fresh fish dishes. The concept is similar to Muara Karang in Jakarta, where visitors can choose their own seafood and cooked to desired taste of each.

Kukup trips to the beach, less than complete if not move on with the Beach Baron dropped because they are part of a chain. Distance Beach Baron and Kukup beaches about 1 kilometer.

Baron beach is the bay flanked by hills covered by coconut trees. In the west shore of the river there are areas of brackish water from a meeting between freshwater river with the sea salt water. After swimming in the sea many people who do shower in the river water is brackish.

While the beach is a series Krakal farthest from the coast trio of Baron-Kukup-Krakal. Can be achieved through the streets along the 6 km east of Kukup Beach, en route to Krakal through limestone hills are interspersed with terraces of rock. Based on geological studies, in prehistoric times, this area is the ocean floor that the appointment process that occurs in the crust of the earth, the sea is becoming increasingly high and eventually emerged as a plateau of rocks.

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