There are a lot of tourism places in Lampung Provinces. In the city of Bandar Lampung, you can find a small island, which has been visited by many people, especially on weekend or vacation seasons. This island called Pulau Kubur can be reached only in 20 minutes by speed boat from Purigading Housing Complex, where you can rent a boat. You can also catch a boat from Pulau Pasaran in Telukbetung, which is closer if you are from the city center of Bandar Lampung.

Pulau kubur has an area of 5 hectares. It is said to be one of the beautiful pristine small islands in Lampung. Should you visit the island, you will find several huts, possible built for visitors. No one lives in Kubur Island, so when all visitors have come home, the island becomes very lonely and quiet. What makes the island very attractive is the scenic view around the island. Visitors can witness beautiful fish along the beach. If made more attractive in terms of adding more facilities in the island, it will attract not only local visitors but those coming from abroad as well.

Pulau Kubur may sound spooky to some people, but the actual Pulau Kubur is paradise for lovers of fishing activities. According to the stories of local residents, this island is named Pulau Kubur because the island was once used for sowing event ashes. Located in Teluk Lampung, the island can be reached by boat in less than 20 minutes. Pulau Kubur relatively quiet on weekdays, but on holidays can be seen quite a lot of tourists who come for fishing. Fish around Pulau Kubur are many and varied as there are many large coral which is the habitat of fish around Pulau Kubur.


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