Kubu Beach is one of the tourist destinations in Central Kalimantan in the form of brownish-white sand beaches are pristine and clean. The beach is an alternative tourist attractions in Central Kalimantan which is dominated by various tourist destinations such as forests and national parks. This beach is located in the village of Kubu, District Kumai, Kotawaringin West. On this beach you can sit and enjoy the breeze while fishing in ocean blue or see fish under the water alongside. Kubu Beach is a beach overlooking the Java Sea and is one of the beaches surrounding community pride. When the new year, this beach will be crowded with visitors, especially the local community who want to see the beauty of the fireworks or just mingle with the crowds that await the turn of the year. Menu seafood are popular menu we should not miss when visiting Kubu Beach. There are many seafood stalls on the edge of Kubu Beach. The menu offered was varied and come from material that is still fresh because it was purchased directly from the fishermen in the village of Kubu.

In addition to seafood, you might be interested in trying the local specialty menu Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan, which is dominated by the typical cuisine Banjar and Dayak communities. One typical menu popular and unique Dayak are foods made from rattan. No, not a hard and strong rattan as material of furniture which they cook; young rattan taken of the principal intended rotanlah. Young rattan is fairly soft though somewhat chewy and tastes somewhat bitter. Usually cooked with mixed vegetables and eaten with fish. Kubu Beach is one of the coastal tourist destinations are included in the Bogam Kingdom beach tourist area located in Kumai. Region includes Keraya Beach, Keluang Cape Coast, Cape Coast rainy, and Patih Mambang Waterfall.

Beach camp has a brownish white sand but the sea is brown because it was close to the peat forest. Sloping beaches are very suitable for playing around and walking paths. In one part of the beach is available locations which juts into the sea where you can feel the sea breeze directly. There are two entrances to the beach camp, first, the entrance to the giant crab on top and the second gate, the entrance to the statue of the crocodile. Each region has its own appeal. If you want to set foot on the wooden pier length of 300 meters from the beach, the entrance of the crab which should you choose. While the entrance crocodiles offer few amenities but without any games that challenge the wooden pier sea.

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