Kuala Baru

Kuala Baru is different from most places and it is well worth a visit. It is isolated, traditional and beautiful. Kuala Baru is located on a narrow strip of land between a huge beach at the ocean and the swamps with its black mysterious water. The only ways to reach Kuala Baru is by river canoes from Singkil, by boat in through a river mouth nearby, or walking for 25 hours from Kedai Trumon in the north. This isolation has preserved traditional lifestyle and values, best seen in the handicrafts produced here. Kuala Baru is famous for its embroidery. Besides experience the traditional culture, one can also glide around in the swamps or make a beach trek.

The locals are very happy to see visitors, but you need to respect their way of life, which is not difficult. Muslim rules do not apply for non-Muslims but a bit of respect when you are in the villages make people happy. Don’t use shorts that end above the knees, use a t-shirt instead of a singlet. For girls, use a T-shirt in order to cover your shoulders. Cover the legs above the knees. A good idea is to use a sarong, the Indonesian wrap-around. If you go swimming, walk north along the beach. You gain in privacy, the beach is better, and the locals don’t get shocked.

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