Mount Krakatau

Krakatau ( English : Krakatoa) is an archipelago of volcanic is still active and is in the Sunda Strait between the islands of Java and Sumatra are included within the nature reserve . This name was ever pinned on a volcanic peak there (Krakatoa), which disappear due to eruption itself on 26-27 August 1883 . The eruption was so powerful; hot clouds and tsunami that killed about 36,000 people resulting. Until before the date of December 26 2004 , this is the most powerful tsunami in the Indian Ocean . Cracking noise was heard up in Alice Springs , Australia and the island of Rodrigues near Africa , 4,653 kilometers . Yield is estimated at 30,000 times the atomic bomb that was detonated on Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II . Krakatau eruption caused global climate change. The world was dark for two and a half days due to the volcanic ash that covered the atmosphere . The sun was shining dim until next year. Scattering dust in the sky Norway to New York . The Krakatoa explosion is still less than the eruption of Mount Toba and Tambora in Indonesia , Mount Tanpo in New Zealand and Mount Katmal in Alaska . However, these mountains erupt to the time when the human population is still very small. Meanwhile, when Krakatoa erupted, the human population is quite dense, science and technology has evolved, the telegraph was invented, and the submarine cable is installed. Thus it can be said that the current information technology is growing and developing rapidly.

Noted that the eruption of Krakatoa was the first major disaster in the world after the discovery of the underwater telegraph. Progress is, unfortunately, has not been matched by progress in the field of geology . The geologist was not even able to give an explanation of these eruptions. Mount Krakatoa erupted, the tremors felt to Europe. Krakatau island used to be a form of active volcanic mountain located in the Sunda Strait, between the islands of Sumatra and Java.

In 1927, approximately 43 years after Mount Krakatoa erupted, emerging from ancient caldera volcano is still active. The high growth rate of about 20 inches per month. Every year she became higher about 20 feet. Krakatau child height now is 450 meters. But for tourists, since the eruption of Krakatoa in 2011 children, the tourists can not go to the top of the Krakatoa. Currently, tourists can climb the mountain only child of Krakatoa to a height of about 200 meters / last post. The process of colonization of plants and animals on the island of Rakata, Panjang, and Sertung been running long enough. As for the child of Krakatoa itself in a new place on a few decades later (about 75 years later). On the island of Krakatoa children, child ridge krakatau no plant life because of the high temperatures and lack of water. But in the area can be found pioneer plants such as reed (Saccharum spontaneum) that symbiosis with Azospirillum lippoferrum. At the bottom of which has been overgrown with reeds in a process of weathering of sand around which later grew kinds Melastoma affine and other types of plants. Based on existing records, there are currently some 206 plant species as there are fungi, 13 species Lichenes, 61 species of ferns, and 257 kinds of Spermatophyta. For animals, there were rats and bats for mammals and 40 species of poultry / bird / aves, such as Centropus bengalensis, Falco severus, Plegadis sp. Animals reptiles are lizards, turtles, and snakes.

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