Kora-Kora Beach located in Kapataran Tondano. Spell it and it sounds like Japanese. But this beach was named based on a Moluccas’ war ship that was shipwrecked on this shoreline  when a fight against Dutch took place. Kora-Kora beach can be reached from Sam Ratulangi International airport, approximately 1.5 hours by Airmadidi and Kema, or about 2 hours through the town of Tomohon, Tondano, and Kapataran village. Beach kora-kora is a promising tranquility of the urban bustle. You can swim, sun bathing, boating, enjoying the natural beauty that is still very beautiful and cool, beautiful birds flying in the coastal beaches and other fun activities. The kora kora coast also presented various public facilities such as hotels, resorts, and typical food minahasa which primarily is the seafood or seafood that always attract tourists.


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