Koka Beach


This beautiful bay on the south coast of the Sikka district is a favorite place for locals to relax or go fishing in their jukung outriggers. The long and wide white-sand beach is also popular among foreign visitors to pause, have a picnic, and maybe go for a swim. The tall, black rocks interspersed with bright sand provide a very contrasting scene and are ideal objects for photography. Koka Beach is situated about 2.5km from the main road near Wolowiro Village in the Paga sub-district. From Maumere, it takes about 48km; from Wolowaru, about 35km.

Koka Beach is one of beautiful beaches in Flores. Some people consider the beach as untouchable beach. But, the fact is that long time ago, tourist from Dutch came here to visit tea farming. Most of them know Koka Beach as Dream Beach. It is not surprise because with exotic panorama, visitor who comes here can explore area around the beach. White and fine sand stretch along the coastline and that assure us that Koka Beach become a hidden paradise. Strolling on soft sand becomes one of favorite activity at evening. Breezing wind from the beach gives you new atmosphere and sensation. That is why most of visitor love to wait the sunset with their friends.

Apart from strolling along the coastline, you also will enjoy two big rocks. These rocks become a separator of two beaches. The clean and blue water in Koka Beach make visitor wants to jump as soon as they arrive. If you decide to snorkel, coral reefs and variety of fishes will accompany you. They look so beautiful with many colors. The natural potential of the beach make anyone who comes to Koka will admire the beauty of beach. The authenticity of the beach is so prominent. This condition make local resident decide to spend their holiday here because Koka Beach is one of favorite destination in Maumere City.

Every week end, Koka Beach always crowd. Domestic and foreign tourists come here to enjoy the beauty of beach. Once you arrive, you will admire panorama around this area. When the day is sunny, blue sky and clear water become a perfect combination to form incredible scenery. You can walk along the coastline and feel the soft sand. Besides that, when the tide is low, it will be easier for you to see underwater life. Apart from these activities, you also can climb the rocks. From above, you can see a complete view.

From distance, you also can see Nusa Koka Island. It is a small island that looks so amazing. To get there, you can ride a boat. There are some fishermen or local resident who will take you there to enjoy Koka Beach from the middle of sea. Apart from this, you need to know that in Nusa Koka Island, there are snakes. The snakes have black and white colors. You don’t need to afraid to them as long as you don’t disturb and kill the snakes. However, if you don’t want to swim or snorkel, you can sun bathing and enjoy the rolling of wave. With this beauty, it is not surprise if some foreign tourists love to stay here for weeks. When the wind is strong, the height of wave can be 1.5. For local residents, Koka Beach is their life. They fish and afford their life from ocean. That is why at evening, you will see some kids or adult fishing near the cliffs.

Because the accommodation near the beach is unavailable, it is better if you bring some food and drinking when you come to Koka Beach. Besides that, there is no lodge around the beach. Thus, you only come to Koka to picnic and spend your holiday.

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