Klewer Market

klewer-berseri.jpgOff the west gate of Karaton’s North Square, this old market selling all kinds of fabrics, predominantly batik. Other traditional fabrics are lurik (hand-woven striped cotton cloth) and tenun ikat. There are hundreds of shops jammed along narrow passageways. The visitors must be prepared to bargain. Batik cloths and garments, hand-woven fabrics, traditional and local jewelry, leather puppets, basketry, tortoise-shell accessories, trinkets, brassware and other decorative items, and all kinds of antiques are local specialties. Souvenir and art objects are available in all major towns of Central Java, mostly in the downtown areas and popular market places or shopping centers. Pasar Klewer in Solo is the busiest textile market in Java, a great place to buy not only the less expensive “stamped” (batik cap) cloths, but also some of the best hand-drawn batik tulis on the island. There are plenty of tailors in the market who can make shirts and skirts in a day. Also not to be missed while visiting Solo is the flea Market at Pasar Triwindu, where everything and anything is for sale to those willing to have a bit of fun bargaining.


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