Klayar beach located in the Donorojo District, about 35 km to the west of the city of Pacitan, and can be reached in around 60 minutes from the town of Pacitan. Klayar is an exotic beach with white sand, rocks that resemble the Sphinx, perforated coral, sea flute and natural fountains as high as 10 meters. The trip to the Klayar Beach meander through winding roads, up and down, and decorated with a row of hills, caves small cave stalactites and stalagmites look her from the roadside. Coast Attractions Klayar has a coastline of white sandy lined with palm trees, as well as the soaring hills on the edge of the beach that can be climbed by tourists to see the beauty of Klayar Beach of the top of the hill. The beach is fairly still very quiet, and will only be visible a few fishermen who were at sea when a normal day. White sand stretches with crystal-clear waves breaking on the shore, and flanked hill rock at the right and left.

In addition to white sandy beaches, beach Klayar has a unique phenomenon that there is a crack in the rock. When the waves come up with quite heavy, some of the water into the bottom of the rock and gushed up like a giant fountain that can reach heights up to 10 meters. The fountain is also accompanied with a sound like whistling so often referred to as a flute Sea. One more uniqueness, in a row of cliffs on the eastern side there is this giant rock-like Sphinx. Klayar beach has blue sea water and the waves were very large, so that visitors are not allowed to swim. Shoreline decorated plant coconut trees and huts are roofed dry leaves, coral reef tidal region is also still maintained naturally.

Travelers also can along the coral reef to find molluscs shellfish shells, and starfish Echinodermata. Besides, it also along the rock also contained limpets and seaweed that grows around the rocks. Travelers can see directly the local community in order to climb coconut trees taken deresan water (raw material for the manufacture of sugar), or simply to be presented directly to tourists while enjoying the exotic nature Klayar Beach. Because the beach is not so well known, so it can only be achieved using private cars or motorcycles.

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