Klatak Beach

klatak.jpgTulungagung is often called as the warehouse of beach, because this regency is stay in Indonesia Ocean area. Most of East Javaís regencies are located along beach. Thatís why, East Java province is also called Maritime area. Tulungagung regency itself has some beaches, including; Molang beach, Dlodo beach, Brumbun beach, Gerangan beach, which all those beaches are stay along Indonesia Ocean.

Klatak beach is one of Tulungagung ís pride beaches. This beach has fantastic and cold waves with soft sea wind. The visitors can do some sea activities here, such as fishing, sun bathing, beach volley, etc. There are also food and drink merchants around the beach. Visit and enjoy Klathak beach in Tulungagung with your family, friend and the other relations.

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