King of Jogja the 10th and King of Dutch meeting – an epic cultural diplomacy

king of jogja and king of dutch

After meeting President Jokowi, Dutch King Willem Alexander, who was accompanied by Dutch Queen Maxima, continued his tour. This time, they met with the King of the Palace, The King of Jogja, Sri Sultan HB X at the Yogyakarta Palace, Wednesday, March 11, 2020.

The Dutch King and The King of Jogja had a chance to talk in Gedong Jane, which is inside the Yogyakarta Palace complex. During the meeting, The King of Jogja mentioned more personal talks between the two kings.

Meet the King of Jogja, the King of Dutch Nostalgia for the Past

The King of Jogja called himself with the King of Netherlands had time to reminisce about the memories of the past. The King of Jogja recalled that 25 years ago, during the visit of the Queen of the Netherlands, Beatrix to the Yogyakarta Palace.

During his visit in 1995, Willem Alexander was still the crown prince of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Meanwhile, during his visit to Yogyakarta Palace in 2020, Willem Alexander had attained the status of King of the Netherlands.

“Yes, only (talking) memories. In the past, he (King Willem Alexander) had followed his mother when he was here (Yogyakarta Palace). (During the visit) Queen Beatrix was a prince of Willem. So, now the position is different, he came here as the King, “said The King of Jogja.

He said King Willem had visited some regions in Indonesia.

“He actually when the Prince was already to other places such as to Toba, tour to Kalimantan and so on. That will continue the journey of his grandfather and his own parents,” continued The King of Jogja.

The King of Jogja said there was no particular discussion between him and the King of the Netherlands. The King of Jogja mentioned more talk about nostalgia.

During his visit to the Yogyakarta Palace, the Dutch King got a souvenir from The King of Jogja. The souvenir was in the form of a silver decoration in the form of a blangkon.

Besides the Palace, the Dutch royal couple will further visit Gadjah Mada University and Jogja Cyber Village,” Indonesian Ambassador to the Netherlands I Gusti Agung Wisaka Puja said to reporters during the visit.

“The Dutch King desired to visit Yogyakarta. He wanted to meet with the King of Java,” the Indonesian diplomat added.

During the visit, the King and Queen had a short discussion with their Yogyakarta counterparts. They then watched a Beksan Kawung Agung art performance at Kencana Hall. The tour was concluded with a luncheon at Manis Hall.

Dutch king apologizes for ‘excessive violence’ during the Indonesian independence war

Previously, King Willem-Alexander has apologized to Indonesia for the violent excesses by Dutch soldiers during the Indonesian independence war of 1945-49.

Photo sourced Tempo

The King, on his first official state visit to Indonesia, said in his speech that the past cannot be erased, and will have to be acknowledged by each generation in turn. ‘In line with earlier statements by my government, I would like to express my regret and apologize for excessive violence on the part of the Dutch in those years,’ the King said. ‘I do so in the full realization that the pain and sorrow of the families affected continue to be felt today.’ However, he continued, ‘it is a hopeful and encouraging sign that countries which were once on opposite sides have been able to grow closer and develop a new relationship based on respect, trust, and friendship.’

The Dutch military invasions in Indonesia, or Dutch Indies as it was known then, followed the proclamation of the independent Republic of Indonesia in 1945 and lasted until the country formally achieved independence in 1949 after a bloody struggle. In 2011, the Netherlands finally officially apologized for the massacre of hundreds of men and boys in the Javanese village of Rawagede in 1947. In 2013, the Dutch ambassador to the Netherlands made a similar apology.

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