King Ampat Maritime Tour

The underwater nature panorama of King Ampat began known when a Netherlands Nationality skilled diver named Max Ammer visited this region. The first visit of Max Ammer during 1990 to King Ampat began with his wish to investigate the ship and the aircraft that foundered in World War II. In 1998 he asked Gerry Allen, a fisheries expert from Australia, to hold the survey in this place. How most startled is Gerry Allen saw underwater resources that were so heterogeneous in very big number.

Gerry Allen afterwards contacted International Conservation to hold the survey of the underwater wealth in King Ampat Waters during 2001 and 2002. Results of this survey proved that King Ampat Waters were the coral reef region with the biggest wealth of the sea biota in the world. The content of the wealth of the sea biota of King Ampat is biggest all over the area of the triangle of world coral, that is Philippine-Indonesian-Papua Nugini. The triangle of this coral was the heart of the wealth of the world coral reef that was protected and appointed to be based on conservation of the protection of international nature. From around the 600 ‘s the coral reef kind in the world, among them was in waters of King Ampat.

Because the width of King Ampat Waters as well as its wealth of the sea biota that were varied, tourists who wanted to enjoy the underwater panorama could choose several diving points. Around the Kri Island, for example, tourists could witness beauty of the coral reef as well as very amazing various fish kinds, including the Queensland fish kind grouper that was famous, kuwe fish, large-scale, the groper, the coral shark, tuna, napoeleon wrasse, barracuda, as well as giant trevally.

The other diving point was in Sardine Reef with the depth around 10 metres. This place presented various fish kinds including the Parrotfish fish that had the sparkling color. If wanting to try the sensation being in the tunnel of the coral stone, tourists could dive around the Kaboei Bay Rock Island. In this island was gotten a gulf that beneath was a tunnel of the coral stone. In Kaboei Bay Rock also was gotten coral caves that were occupied by the bat, as well as in several places were found the remnants of human bones. Still many others the diving points that could be investigated by the divers, like in The Passage, Fam Island, as well as the Misool Island.

Apart from enjoying the wealth of the sea biota, tourists could also enjoy sites of the underwater history, among them the warship as well as the fighter that foundered in King Ampat Waters. Not only that, tourists could also enjoy beauty of the islands in the territory of King Ampat. The mainland of the islands in this region was relative still natural, the lagoon and the gulf quite protected, had the coastal carpet that enchanted, as well as clear sea.

Interested tourists visited King Ampat could leave from Jakarta or other big cities headed the Domine Eduard Osok Airport, Sorong, and West Papua. From the Domine Eduard Osok Airport, tourists could continue the trip headed King Ampat used the fast ship had a capacity of 10 people with cost around 3 million rupiah in one trip. The trip by the fast ship needed time around 3 – 4 hours.

In the underwater tour region of King Ampat tourists could receive facilities that were adequate in several available sub-areas, like in the Kri Island, Waigeo, Mansuar, and Misool. The other alternative was by choosing to spend the night for days on the ship (Liveaboard) by leasing the Pinisi ship that was modified especially for the diving activity for several days.

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