Kiluan Bay, the Hidden Paradise in Lampung – Indonesia

Many of us have seen real life dolphins, whether in zoos, aquariums, or animal shows, but watching schools of dolphins darting across the open sea, or swimming merrily alongside your boat is an entirely different experience altogether.

The herds of wild dolphins diving freely beneath the crystal sea, coupled with sandy white beaches against a backdrop of a clear blue sky are key elements representing the unabridged natural beauty of Kiluan Bay.Though 10 years ago Kiluan was relatively unheard of, even among the locals of the province, this beautiful and tranquil spot now attracts tourists from around Indonesia and abroad.

Kiluan Bay is located in Kiluan Negeri village, Kelumbayan district, Tanggamus regency, Lampung. This is part of Kiluan island with the beautiful panoramic. It is the hidden paradise in Lampung. The distance from Lampung’s capital Bandar Lampung is about 75 km, about 3 hours journey by car. You can ride a motorcycle, or drive a private car to explore the location there. Along the way, you will pass through many scenery location, from Klara coast to green hill with a beautiful ocean to get to the location in Kiluan Bay.

The best time to see the dolphins is at 6:00 am, because the sea wind and wave still calm and the dolphins are still in their habitat around the Sunda Strait. Travel time is about one hour by fishermen’s boat (called Jukung) with two to three passengers, toward to the middle of the Hindia ocean. When you get the dolphins area, it doesn’t take long time for tourists to see marine animals swim freely.


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