Kidung or Sekar Madya

Kidung or Sekar Madya usually sings in ceremonies in Bali by a group of people and accompanied by Gamelan. Kidung themes are mostly about prayers of adoration. Kidung came to Bali from Java around the 16th – 19th centuries. It seems to derive from Old Javanese (Jawa Tengahan/ Kawi), which is used in some Kidung. After Kidung arrived in Bali, it was affected by Balinese culture. This influence is evident in the Kidung structure in Bali, which consists of Pangawit (opening part) and Pangawak (central part), which is not found in Java. Some famous Kidungs in Bali are Wargasari, Sudhamala, Sidhapaksa, and Alis-alis Ijo.

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