Kerinci Lake

kerinci.jpgLake Kerinci covers an area of 4,200 ha. This lake is sorrounded by mountains and hills. We can see the lake from several point of view in the central Kerinci such as Pesanggrahan where we can see the lake from above,Tanjung Hatta, Seleman Village in which we can see Laheik House (traditional house of Kerinci) and Pulau Tengah Village where we can see Dolmen Batu Raja and Mesjid Keramat Pulau Tengah. Around the lake we can also find several carved stones,the archeological remains of Megalithic Age.
Every year there is a big celebrtion in the area of the lake Kerinci Recreational Park called Lake Kerinci Festival(Festival Masyarakat Peduli Danau kerinci). The festival first held in 1999, this week-long cultural event celebrates the lake’s importance as a vital source of fish and livelihood for opportunity to see many kinds of traditional Kerinci dance and hear local music. During the festival, the park grounds are also littered by a sea and stalls selling local foods, fruits and snack items as well as souvenirs and other goods.

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