Kerinci Lake

kerinci_lake_2.jpgThe scenery of the lake Kerinci is so enchanted so you will not easily get bored watching the clear water spread out with wonderful mountainous marched. In the center of the lake, some traditional fishermen `s boats sail above the calm water surface where many kinds of fishes can be found within.

In the villages around the lake, there are many heritages of the Stone Age era in shape of Carved stones. It indicates that the area around the lake had ever been settled by ancient people living about thousand years ago.

The lake which is located in the slope of Mount King is the biggest lake in Kerinci district. It is 5000 square meters wide, at an altitude of 783 meters. Lake Kerinci is located between Lake Kerinci sub-district and around the Sub-district, Kerinci District, Jambi Province.

For accessing the destination, you may take either public or private transportation

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