Kepualuan Seribu

pulau_seribu.jpgKepulauan Seribu means a “Thousand Island” is one of Indonesian National Park and to be representative of marine nature conservation area. Thousand Islands stretching from the coast of Jakarta Bay comprises almost 128 beautiful small islands, located approximately 45 km north of Jakarta. There are a variety of large-small islands with a height of not more than three meters and it’s a group of islands reefs.

The condition of natural resources in the Thousand Island keeps potential, especially in the fisheries and tourism sectors. Marine tourism activities have been developed in the Thousand Islands, such as fishing, marine recreation and islands, water bike, diving, windsurfing and snorkeling.

Behind the phenomenon and the secrets of the universe, cluster of Thousand Islands has a very captivating natural beauty. Symphony of tiny islands of green, the sound of waves, golden rays of the sun at dusk will reassure visitors that are in the Thousand Islands.

How to get here:
From Marina Jaya Ancol every day there is a special vessel to serve visitors who want to see the objects of nautical tourism, with travel time between 1-2 hours. Or from Muara Angke to Island Scout used ferry vessel approximately 2.5 hours.

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