Kembang Jepun-The Business Centre Since 19th Century

kembang_jepun.jpegKembang Jepun is the eldest area in Surabaya city, because it resides in Kalimas stream and close to Tanjung Perak port. In its ancient building line even most its paint is sleazy and dusty and matt enunciated because as the commerce center.

But, here exactly the history of Surabaya city is started, business activity have never desisted. Office stationery shop, diesel engine, bank, textile, fashion had completed the existence of this area.

Talks about Kembang Jepun of course not get out of Jembatan Merah (The Red Bridge). Since the leadership of Daendels in 1811, the center of municipal administration of Surabaya is located in Jembatan Merah area. The resident offices, police, tax being merged into one building.

In west of Jembatan Merah (Willenstraat) like Rajawali Street (Heerenstraat) had fulfilled some merchants from Europe. The Chinese Public (Tionghoa) stayed there since 1411 occupying a "Chinese Kampong" region eastside of Kalimas. Karet Street (Chinesevorstraat), Kembang Jepun Street (Hendelstraat) is the Chinese residence.

Name of Kembang Jepun, begin when Jembatan Merah to grow become a downtown. The Merchants who would have business in Hendelstraat must pass the inspection in resident. After obtaining the permission and activity to trade had take place, hence many hotel and cottage to lodge the merchants. Simply draw the peasant growing from Sakura country. They are having aligned to decorate the night through that street. Jepun in Malay mean Japan.

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