Kemarau Island

He threw the ships cargo into the Musi River, not knowing that his father actually put some money inside the vegetables and fruits.  Because he was ashamed after finding out about his mistake, he collected what he had thrown away in the river.  Tan Bu An never returned as he drown together with the vegetables and fruits.

When she heard about the tragedy, Siti Fatimah ran to the river and drown trying to follow her lover. Before that, she left a message; "If you see a tree grow on a piece of land where I drown, it will be a tree of our love ".

The princess then drown and a piece of land appeared on the rivers surface. The local community believes that this new land is the couple’s tomb and therefore, they call it "Kemarau Island" which means despite high tides in the Musi River, this island will always be dry.

The local ethnic Chinese believe that their ancestor, Tan Bun An, lives on this island.  As a result, this area is always crowded during Chinese New Year. In 2006, a pagoda was built as a worship place and a location for other events.

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