Kelimutu National Park

kelimutu.jpgKelimutu National Park is a volcano located in Ende District on Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara Province. This mountain has three crater lakes on the summit known as the Three Colors Lake. Uniquely, the colors water in the lake is always changing with the passage of time such as, green, blue, and black. And the local myth believed that each color will give own meaning. Thick white fog that slowly covered the peak of Mount Kelimutu is one incredibly scenery of three color lake on top the top of mountain.

Kelimutu Lake is within a distance of about 51 km east of Ende. Tourists can use public transport to get Lake Kelimutu. Kelimutu was one of those popular tourist destinations on Flores Island, in addition of the Komodo National Park, traditional village of Bena, and Riung Marine Park.

By history, “Kelimutu” is a combination of the word “Keli” which means mountain and “Mutu” which means to boil. In mid-2006 and occurred several times, especially for the two lakes adjacent to the “Lake tiwu nua muri ko’o fai ” and “Lake tiwu ata polo”. “Lake Dead tiwu nua muri ko’o fai ” who formerly green, in June last year had changed to blue. While the “Lake tiwu ata polo ” which previously turned dark brown slightly reddish color. A separate lake is “Lake tiwu ata mbupu” stay dark green or moss.

Morning is the best time to watch the Lake Kelimutu. Shortly before noon, let alone in the afternoon, the fog that blanketed the lake blocking the view. That’s why the tourists usually stay overnight in the village of Moni and the left Kelimutu early morning.

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