Kelam Hill Nature Park is located in District Tenebrous, Sintang District, West Kalimantan Province, Indonesia. Panorama natural dynamic and natural, and the air is cool and fresh, making this kawasaan aptly chosen as a natural recreational purposes. Visitors can perceive the beauty of a view while walking in the area, or while sitting relaxed in a shelter-shelter. In this area, there are a variety of rare flora, such as meranti (Shorea sp), bangeris (Koompassia sp), tengkawang (Dipterocarpus sp), numb-numb (podocarpusceae), orchids (archidaceae), and giant semar bag.

Various rare fauna, such as sun bears (heralctus mayalanus), pangolin (sweet javanica), bats (hiropteraphilie), and kestrel (acciptiter badios), add to the attraction of this region. For those who want to the top of hill, to pass a stone staircase which has a height of 90 meters which is located west of Mount Kelam. For those that dare big and likes extreme challenges, to reach its peak by crossing the rugged stone cliffs.

At the top of hill, there are natural caves that exotic and magical nuance in which there are many swiftlet. And, from the top peak, visible dense tropical forest and the surrounding green, Kapuas River and the River City that flank Melawi Sintang, beauty Sintang city from a distance, and vast rice fields that extend underneath. When the rainy season, from this place also looks charming waterfall. The height of this area ranges from 50-900 meters above sea level (dpl) with a slope between 15° – 40°, so that’s exactly right to be a place for sport kite flying and rock climbing. For sports enthusiasts cross country, in this area there are trails that meander down to the woods with a field that is quite heavy. Visitors who want to swim and play tennis, in this area are also available a swimming pool and tennis court which can be used every time.

For visitors who want to enjoy this area at night, also provided a vast camping ground and safe. Also, here visitors can also see the House Length (traditional house of Dayak) Ensaid Short and Long Ensaid that have distinctive architecture. In this area each year held Gebyar Hill Kelam Tour featuring various arts and cultural attractions of the local community, tourism exhibition, fashion, folk games, and so forth. Sintang District is approximately 395 kilometers east of Pontianak, the capital of West Kalimantan Province. From Pontiac to Sintang, visitors can board the plane, taxi, bus travel, public transport, or personal vehicle. From the city center Sintang, Tenebrous Hill Nature Park is approximately 19 kilometers to the east. The road to this area have been paved smooth and can be traversed by four-wheel vehicle, so that visitors easy access by bus or private vehicle with travel time about 30-35 minutes.

After reaching the parking area, proceed by walking up the stairs to the area Dark Hills Nature Park. To facilitate visitors, the region has built a permanent tourist route that connects one tourist attraction with other tourist attractions.

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