Kedebodu Waterfall, Well-Known as Ae Poro Waterfall

Ende is a district part of East Nusa Tenggara Province. There is tourist attraction that you can explore when you traveling to Ende is Kedebodu Waterfall or often also called as Ae Poro Waterfall. This waterfall is located in Kedebodu village, Ende Timur sub-District, Ende District, East Nusa Tenggara Province. Proximity to the city center makes this tourist spot is always crowded by tourists, especially when weekends and other holidays. This waterfall is one of the amazing sights because it is about 35 meters high.

Kedebodu Waterfall has clear water as the main attraction for tourists who come to visit. The water seems inviting us to swim and play water at the base of the waterfall. The scenery around is equally beautiful. The scenery looks very beautiful and full of hills which are still green. The trees there are very shady so much populated by animals, such as birds and monkeys. The animal sounds combined with the sound of water becoming natural serene music to be heard.

The distance is not far from Ende city center, about thirteen km. You can visit Kedebodu Waterfall using private or rental vehicles or by public transport. If you use public transport, you can begin the journey from Roworeke bus station which will take approximately 20 minutes.

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