Kedaton Temple

Garudeya story described in three relief. Two relief published by Bernet Kempers in 1959 in his famous book, Ancient Indonesian Art. One relief is the scene of Eagle open his mouth to eat residents; the other relief is the scene of Eagle say thank you to his mother.

The small Kedaton temple seems has big attractive value of its relives. Bernet Kempers published the other two relives that described about legend of Bhomakawya. "A Very Emotional Scene", said Kempers to a relief that described Samba, Khresna’s son, visit Princess Yajnavati before he fight with a Giant soldier.

Beside Bernet Kempers, Balai Arkeologi Yogyakarta (Archeology Center In Yogyakarta) consider the important of Kedaton temple relives as the source about flora and fauna, and also the source about ancient Java fashion. Those are described on the relives and has documented in 1997.

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