Samarinda Botanical Garden is a unique tourist attraction because it combines recreation with education about the nature and the environment. Total area of ​​this botanical garden is 300 hectares. At first, this botanical garden is a forest concession Mahakam Wood’s CV Ali Akbar Afloes. In 1974, the owners handed over 300 hectares in the Limestone Mountain region to the Rector of the University when it Mulawarman, R. Sambas Wirakusumah to serve as forest conservation. That decision was fully supported by Governor of the Province of East Kalimantan and East Kalimantan Forest Service Chief. In 1997, the Mayor of Samarinda support these programs with the functioning of forest botanical gardens such as botanical gardens for educational and academic community Mulawarman. Since the forest was inaugurated as education, the region is often used as a place of student activities, research sites, and field work practice (PKL) students. Not only Mulawarman University students are only allowed to access the area. Students from outside the University Mulawarman or from abroad are also allowed to do research on this place. Since the signing of cooperation between Mulawarman and the government of Samarinda, the area is changing its name to the Botanical Gardens Samarinda. In a further development, 62 hectares of the total area of ​​300 hectares, the facility functioned as roads, artificial lakes, sports facilities, and entertainment stage. This area is also more developed and functioned as a tourist attraction and recreation, such as the zoo, swimming pool, garden birds, flower gardens, boat tours, and camping grounds.

When entering into a botanical garden area, guests will feel the atmosphere of the forest is so cool. To enter the main area botanical garden visitors have to walk about one kilometer. Throughout the journey, visitors can look around and enjoy the lush trees that some have labeled complete with the name of the species. Although the course beriku and turns and rolling hills, visitors can be entertained with singing birds and monkeys voice shouted to each other. One of the features in this botanical garden is a very large zoo. At the zoo there are a number of orangutans that are deliberately released but has been tamed so that visitors can directly interact. In addition to the orangutans also have other animals, such as a pair of cobra snakes, hornbills, parrots, ponies, birds of paradise, crocodiles, deer, and porcupine. However, the end of the need to climb the stairs of the hill is high enough. However, this condition seems to have become an attraction for visitors from various regions, including from outside the East. Visitors can also enjoy a vast artificial lake. In these attractions, visitors can rent a boat with a wide range of forms. The rent is Rp. 15000.00 per 15 minutes with a limit of three adult content. Visitors who will go to the location to use the land line, either two wheelers or four wheels. Distance from City of Samarinda is 20 km or about 30 minutes travel time. For the record, to get to the main area of ​​the botanical gardens, visitors need to use private vehicles as there is no special transport is available, but must walk.

Unmul Botanical Garden is located about fifteen kkilometers away from the centre of Samarinda and can be reached using either private vehicle or public transportation. If you want to use public transportation, you can take the “F” route colored yellow plying the route. This botanical garden is open daily from 9 am to 4 pm but is closed on Friday.

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