Kasih Beach, White Sand Beach in Weh Island

Kasih Beach which means the Lovers Beach is the most beautiful beach in Aceh located on the Weh Island, just 2 kilometers away from Sabang town centre. Kasih Beach is located near the village and that is why Kasih Beach is usually crowded in the afternoon. The local people often just take a walk on the beach in the afternoon.

Kasih Beach is a rocky beach with a lot of coconut trees along it shores. With calm wave and white soft sand beach. Here you can have sit, relax and watch the wide ocean with the beautiful sunset and the passing traffic of cargo ships or fisherman boats. The cool sea breeze combined with beautiful trees and white sand make this beach a very suitable place for those who want to relax.

At Kasih Beach there are several fortified structures with heavy artillery such as cannons as a remainder of World War II. If you are tired of relaxing and explorer then you can enjoy the local delicacies.



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