Kasada ceremony

According to the legend, Kasada ceremony occurred a few centuries ago during the reign of Brawijaya dynasty and Majapahit kingdom, the empress blessed with a daughter named Roro anteng. After growing up the daughter fell in love and married a young man named Joko Seger, the son of the Brahmin caste. At the time the decline of Majapahit Kingdom and accelerated development of Islam in Java, some confidant of the kingdom and some of his family decided to go to the east. And most of the mountainous region perch, including Roro Anteng and Joko Seger. After they became the ruler of this region, they are very sad because they have not blessed with a child. Variety of ways they are trying, until at last they’re going to the top of Mount Bromo to meditate. Finally their request was granted with the emergence of magical voice, the condition of their youngest child after birth must be sacrificed to the crater of Mount Bromo. After they were blessed with 25 children, it was time they had to sacrifice the youngest. But they did not have the heart to do it, because the conscience of parents who do not have the heart to kill his son. Finally the gods angry and licked her youngest child entered to the crater of the mountains, comes the voice from the youngest to their parents to live quietly with his brothers. And each year to make offerings to the Mount Bromo discarded. Until now this custom is done to the next.

Kasada ceremony held like previous years will usually be preceded by mutual cooperation potent cleaning Pura Luhur Bromo and followed by the temple ceremony or mendhak tirta or taking holy water from Widodaren Cave. After that, they walked from their respective regions to the Pura Luhur carrying offerings with ‘ongkek’. The offerings will then be thrown into the crater of Mount Bromo after prayers.

In addition, Kasada ceremony was also made to appoint a doctor or a shaman in every village. A few days before the ceremony begins Kasada ceremony, they are working on offerings which will be thrown into the crater of Mount Bromo. On the night of the 14-month Kasada, community throng in large perch with ongkek containing offerings of various agricultural products and livestock. Then they took him to the temple and while waiting for a respected elder shaman dating. Held at midnight the inauguration of a new shaman and blessing the people in a sea of sand of Mount Bromo. For the Tengger society, the role of healer is very important. Because they charge event – the rituals, marriage, etc.

After the ceremony, ongkek-containing offerings brought from the Mount Bromo foot to the crater and thrown into the crater, as a symbol of sacrifices made by their ancestors. Around the crater there are many beggars and people who live perched hinterland, they were far distant day to come to the Mount Bromo and establish a residence in the mountains near the Bromo crater in the hope of getting thrown offerings. Offerings of crops and livestock that in throwing into the crater is a symbol of God’s word on the results of livestock and agricultural abundance. To be able to see the Kasada ceremony, better we arrived before midnight, because we can see the height of the preparation of the shaman and the Tengger community for the implementation of the Kasada ceremony.

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