Kartini Museum

kartini_artikel4.jpgRA Kartini Museum is the home office environment Regent Apex (Jl Gatot Subroto 8 Apex) – dialun-square town of Jepara.
Is an original building that once inhabited R.A. Kartini and her husband Djojodiningrat, Regent Apex (1889-1912). Until now the building is still used as housing accommodation Regent Apex.
RA Kartini Museum occupies one of the rooms formerly occupied RA Kartini to perform activities, writing ideas and his ideas, as well as where she gave birth to the son of the one who named RM Susalit, and as a private room until he died.

Here visitors can see some old furniture that used RA Kartini; such as bathtubs, bothekan where herbal medicine, sewing boxes, dining table, table baby care, paintings by RA Kartini form of three geese, handwritten manuscript, a pair of baffle Rono room of carved wood a gift from his father, photographs of memories during his lifetime in the vicinity of the museum, adjacent to the eastern gate complex Regent Official House, still standing with a sturdy, old building that was used RA Kartini to teach the children of the earth’s son.

This museum keeps objects RAKartini heritage that we know it as a national hero because he is a character who struggles of emancipation Indonesia raise the dignity of women.

Heritage objects that exist dimusium RA.Kartini these are photos RA.Kartini and his family, letters, household furniture, kitchen equipment, etc..
This museum is a historical tour that is perfect for visiting students and students in particular and society in general so they are more aware and familiar with RA.Kartini.

Besides, there are also items on the discovery of the Hindu kingdom and Islam are arranged neatly in the space of Ancient Jepara.

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