Karangasem Grand Palace

karangasem_grand_palace.jpgThe uniquely designed Karangasem Grand Palace was built by the end of the 19th century by the first king of Karangasem, combining Balinese, Chinese and European architectural styles. Most of the buildings are set as if each floats above the pool water, with small bridges connecting one another, like a Chinese palace in general. The European influence can be seen from the design of main building, the guarding post at the front of the palace, and vast veranda called Maskerdam. The Balinese style can be seen from the entrance gate, built from red bricks with puppet, describing religious stories, as the ornaments. This combination has never been found in other palaces in Bali.
Location: Karangasem Grand Palace is located at the heart of Amlapura, the capital of District of Karangasem, 78 km from Denpasar. Accessible by public transport from Denpasar.

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