Coral Taraje Reef is one of the beaches are located in the district Bayah suitable for recreation. Coral Taraje beach surrounded by hills is very beautiful enjoy with family or our spouse especially when the afternoon. Coral Taraje Beach visited by many tourists every weekends. Because the beach is very suitable for a working week after eliminate fatigue. Beautiful beaches and comfortable, well equipped with accommodation facilities or cottage. Coral Taraje located in the district of Bayah about 38 km from Malingping or 137 km from Rangkasbitung, every weekend beach This is always visited by tourists because it is suitable to be used as a beautiful recreation area and comfortable, equipped with accommodation facilities or cottage. The beach in Banten province is much interest to tourists, such as Anyer Beach, Carita Beach, Coastal Ciputih, Sawarna Beach, and many other beaches. All that can be visited in the province that is still fairly young. And one of the beaches that are worth a visit it is Taraje Coral beach.

Excess attractions in the Valley this, local residents were very happy to talk about the attractions that exist in their city. In fact, sometimes they are happy to take us to other existing attractions nearby. This excess tourism here, the people are very familiar with tourists so as to make the tourists feel at home and want to come back here. Besides the beach, Coral Beach Taraje also we can mempir Manuk Island. Travelers just enough to pay the cost of the boat around Rp 50,000 for one way. And to commute around Rp 100,000, – and this is for one boat. So if divided again with friends will be cheaper. Each person is only subject to cost Rp 20,000 / person.

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