Karang Hawu Coast

It seems, some rocks that was the Nyai Roro Kidul place (the daughter of Prabu Siliwangi) plunged herself into the sea because frustration with her suffer illness. After plunging herself, finally the illness was recovered, but the consequences is daughter must live in sea and could not return to the earth again. The daughter so that afterwards was acknowledged as Nyai Roro Kidul, the ruler of south sea.

Karang Hawu Coast had the beautiful nature panorama, the air was cool, and the sand carpet that was wide and soft. In this place, the visitor could carry out the activity like surfing, swam, and fished. Moreover, the visitor could also run, the relaxed road, and sat relaxed on soft sand while taking a walk in the fresh air that was cool and saw rocks and coral that appeared amazing.

It seems, coral that projected to the sea was the Nyai Roro Kidul throne, the ruler of South Sea. In several basins of the coral stone was gotten the pool of clear water. Many of the tourists who made use of the water to bathe or wash his face because that was believed in could carry the blessing. Moreover not few deliberate tourists put this water in the bottle to be brought came home.

Was not far from the coastal lip also gotten two beautiful mountains that are Winarum Mountains and Rahayu’s Mountains. To head the peak of the mountains, the tourist must walk through the footpath. While the tourist climb could also enjoy the beauty of the atmosphere of the coast from the height.

In the Peak of Winarum Mountains, was gotten the grave that respectful that is the grave of Syeh Hasan Ali, a big and quite famous Muslim Scholar in the Sukabumi area. In ancient in this hill also had been made the place of the meeting 40 big Muslim Scholars in arranging the spreading strategy of the Islam religion in the South Sukabumi area. Moreover, also gotten a house that was believed as the place of the ruler’s stopover of South Sea (Nyai Roro Kidul) along with Dayang (the servant). Afterwards in the peak of Rahayu’s Mountains was gotten the grave of a leading figure of the disseminator of the Islam religion that was named Raden Dikudratullah and Raden Cengkal, both of them were the descendants from Sunan Gunung Jati.

To head the coastal tourist attraction of Karang Hawu Sukabumi was easy enough because of could be covered from various cities around it by using the personal vehicle (the car) and the public’s transport like the bus and the taxi. If the visitor used means of the public’s transport (the bus), then the trip could in beginning with the Pelabuhan Ratu Terminal. The trip from the Pelabuhan Ratu Terminal arrived at the location approximately was needed by time 20 minutes, because of the terminal clearance with the location only around 14 km.

In the area of the Karang Hawu Coast was gotten by facilities like the hotel, mini market, the stall ate, the telecommunications stall, the prayer room, the area parked that was wide, the place of rental of equipment surfing, as well as the souvenir kiosk, the fruit, et cetera.

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