Kapoposang island is one Spermonde island . The island has a solid cluster of coral reefs and beautiful, in it there is a beautiful fish with a variety of colors and a variety of species. To enjoy the underwater scenery we could dive. Located in the village mattiroung Liukangtupabiring district, accessible by speedboat approximately ± 90 minutes with rest home facilities.

Kapoposang island is one of hundreds of small islands in the Makassar Strait. Administratively, the island is located in Pangkep District, South Sulawesi province, Indonesia. The distance from Makassar, the capital of South Sulawesi province, is around 68 Kilometers. KapoposangIsland is a quite well known marine tourism object. Besides enjoying the beauty of nature, you can also do  other things  such as diving, snorkeling and fishing. Fishing area around Kapoposang island is one of the best in Indonesia.

Every holiday season, Kapoposang island is visited by many domestic and foreign tourists. The island is very beautiful, and also has many advantages as a marine tourism object. Diving and snorkeling here are  great, because the coral reefs around the island are quite healthy and beautiful. Moreover, water conditions are clear and unpolluted. Various kinds of colorful fish seem like   dancing cheerfully  to welcome tourists.

There are several dive sites on the island Kapoposang,  each offering its uniqueness. Shark Point and Tanjung Point are the  favorite place, because you can find  a lot of fish there. There is also a point that resembles an Aquarium with small fish or  wrasse playing around corals and reefs.

 Turtle habitat is the beauty of the other side, because on  the beach of  KapoposangIsland there many  of this rare animal spawning. Here, tourists can witness turtles behavior but you  must not disturb them, because these animals are protected. Kapoposang island has  not only marine tourism   to offer, but the landscapes and views of the surrounding beaches and islands are also fantastic. Large trees that shade the white sandy  beach also create a natural setting which is so beautiful and relaxing. 

There are several routes to get to Kapoposang island, among others  from Paotere Port and POPSA Pier in Makassar. You can also cross over  from Kalibone dock in Maros Regency and Tonasa Pier in  Pangkep. Using traditional boat, the   trip will take about 6 hours from Makassar, while from Marros District it  takes about 7 hours and 8 hours from Pangkep. But if you use a fast boat from POPSA Pier, Makassar, you only need about 3 hours.

What  makes Kapoposang island worth visiting is the added value it has. The island provides special facilities for tourists. For instance, besides being  very nice place for surfing and diving, the equipment such as surf boards as well as instruments for diving are provided here.  So tourists do not have to bother bringing their  own gears when going on a surfing and diving. There  is also a pretty good inn,  run by  the local government. While   some others are managed by the private sector. However,  since the island is pretty remote your telephone access is  limited to satellite phone only. The same goes for electricity which can only be enjoyed in the evening. But I suppose it’s part of the adventure, you’ll be closer to nature in Kapoposang island. 

Beside enjoying the usual tourism objects, you can also visit some fishermen villages nearby to see seaweed farming activities. The type of seaweed here is considered as grade 1,  so it’s exciting to come and learn about seaweed farming activities that have become a tradition for KapoposangIsland community.


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