Kanawa Island


Kanawa is a lovely little island at the edge of world famous Komodo National Park. It’s probably the best way to enjoy the National park, since it is located just few minutes away by boat, offering tours, diving, food and accommodation on pristine white sand beaches. The island is fully surrounded by an untouched coral reef where turtles, sharks, mantas and thousands of other sea creatures live.

The island used to belong to a local from the nearby fisherman village of Pulau Mesah. In 2010, the island was purchased by a group of Europeans (Italian, Dutch, Spanish) who are at the moment taking care of it, keeping it as a simple place for travelers, offering tours and diving and creating a conservation program which includes a turtle sanctuary, no-fishing zone on the reef, English and environmental education classes at local schools, and use of green energy. The area of the island is about 30 hectares, with two main beaches, one on purpose kept at natural status. In the centre of the island, a beautiful hill provides spectacular views all over the national park.

On the island there is the typical vegetation of the Komodo National Park, very green in rainy season and quite dry in summer. Palm trees have been planted together with some bananas, papaya and other fruit trees. There are tame goats, deer, cats and dogs. The water is rich with coral and fish. The diving and snorkeling on the reef is considered among the best in the world. Monsoon period is from January to March, and the best period to visit is September-November. July and August are crowded. In front of the island there are never waves even in rainy season, as the coral barrier protects the beach area.

There are daily flights form Bali to Labuan Bajo, which is the access port. From there a charter boat can bring you to the island (400.000 Rp per boat). The daily shuttle boat leaves at 12pm. There is a Kanawa office in Labuan Bajo located close to the MadeInItaly restaurant. If you book an accommodation there, you can take the daily shuttle boat for free. 50.000Rp per person to get in. The fee is exchangeable at restaurant for food and drinks.

Kanawa Beach Bungalows resort (wwww.kanawaislandresort.com) is located on the southern part of the island. The northern part is left completely untouched to preserve the island’s flora and fauna. A hill in the middle of the island gives refuge to a variety of birds and animals, including eagles and wild goats. The surrounding coral reefs are home to stingrays, dolphins, turtles and many different types of tropical fish.

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