Kampung Batik Kauman

batik_kauman.jpgThe picture that can be found at the Museum Batik Kauman. This museum is located in a corner of the village into one of Kauman batik Centers in the city of Solo. Presence felt in the middle of the right since the first life of the typical Solo batik industry.

Sunflower, flower, silky night, wine, bananas and placenta, is part of the batik stamp is displayed on the wall last week. Cap batik industry had calorific decades ago.

Entering the main room, used to feel quite Java-tempo feel. Carved wood cabinet that looks classic occupy a corner of the room. Batik cloth sheets in various patterns put in it. Ancient fabrics also exhibited at the table, the length of wood, wood and tied the rope swing on the roof. Overall labeled to explain the motives of batik cloth.

“This museum is more intended nguri-uri culture, namely Solo batik. Here, people can see and learn the history Kauman especially batik, batik and Solo,” said the manager of Batik Museum Kaoeman Gunawan Setiawan.

For the purpose of learning, the museum collection also includes equipment that is used to make. Pres batik tool of iron used 1940s are also there. This is used to dispose of batik is packed in the number of lots. No less unique is the tool of iron batik Giling the 1920s. A number of ancient seals tool also exhibited.
Batik other production tools can be found on the floor next to the building II. Various stamp batik motifs to create cap room in it. Tool big prize of the past, but this time made of wood, standing near the solid wall.

In the middle of events around the village to see the production process of batik and the hunt, a visit to this museum will enrich Insight about the history of batik in Solo, especially batik Kauman. Moreover, the collections in this museum are owned by village residents since the first Kauman make batik.

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