Kamali Beach


Kamali beach is located in the heart Baubau near Port Murhum a culinary tourist areas at night. Menu provided diverse ranging from snack to heavy meals at affordable prices. This beach is a beach community pride Baubau like Losari belongs to Makassar, South Sulawesi and belongs to the City Boulevard Area Manado, North Sulawesi. Important events are often held here. There are also a variety of snacks typical of this city on the beach Kamali. Kamali beach can be accessed by using public transportation, taxis, rickshaws, and private or rented vehicles. Facilities provided hotspot, playground, tour bus that drove from Kamali Beach to Fort palace and back to the beach Kamali, and floor reflections. The beach is also there as a monument Dragon mascot Baubau City. No need to buy a ticket for this region.

In the city of Baubau, a small town on the island of Buton also has the square that in addition to being a frolic of its citizens, the square is often the center of entertainment. In contrast to most of the square are mostly located exactly in the middle of the city, belonging to the town square Baubau is right on the seaside. Because of her, the square named ‘Beach Kamali’ has a view of the beach and Buton strait as its advantages. ‘Kamali’ is a term for the tribe Wolio to stay home from a Sultan who is being served. Almost every day in the afternoon until mid evening, Kamali Beach always visit his citizens or immigrants. Baubau itself is a trading city, a city of nearly 140,000 inhabitants is located in a strategic location for shipping lanes linking the western part of Indonesia and Eastern Indonesia. Not surprisingly, though not many are aware, the city which is the capital of the sultanate of Buton in the past this has an important role for the movement of people and goods flow.

Located on the beach and within walking distance of both the port make Kamali Beach has a view that is both interesting and fascinating.

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