Kalok Beach (Acit Beach) in Sungailiat, Bangka Islands

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Bangka island is famous island with the series beautiful some beaches. One of them is Kalok beach (or Acit beach) which located on Bangka island, more precisely located at Rebo village, Sungailiat district, Bangka regency. This beach is about 15 km of Sungailiat town. This beach is located on the southern of Rebo beach so it’s near enough to visit Rebo beach from here.

This beach’s name is a reward for an old married-couple from Kenanga village -Kalok and Acit- who succesed to juggle this beach, that dissolved by Inkonvensional Tin, comeback to become a very beautiful with plants mangroves and pines for long years. The old married-couple given a Calpataru thropy by government for they hard work. Now, many student come to participate in plant mangrove at there.

To visit Kalok beach, visitors must through Lintas Timur road and visitors will find a path way to location. The path way is a little uncomfortable to throught because of the bumpy relief way and pine roots protruding into the surface. Nevertheless, at this way visitors will spoilted by beautiful scenery of mangrove around.

Kalok beach is amazing place to take photograph with scenery background of beach and pines like at the mountain forest at once. The length of this beach is about 3 km with mangroves which decorate this beach panorama. From the coast, tourist can see vaguely a range of popular beach like Tanjung Ratu beach, Rebo, Tikus beach, until Parai beach . Unfortunately, this beach lately there tin suction vessel that operates up into Kalok shoreline.

Source : www.indonesia-tourism.com

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