Kalimas Harbor

Traditional Port of Kalimas now in use as a place of loading / unloading of goods – goods by ocean barge boats – barges and boats boats.

Surabaya is a city that for hundreds of years of being colonized by the Dutch and then by itself form the building is heavily influenced by European styles. In the Netherlands itself has many canals. Because many have a channel, of course, here and there are many built bridges. Starting from the usual bridge, suspension bridge until ophaalburg or drawbridge. Surabaya is also almost as though the canals in Surabaya not as much as in the Netherlands.

In the Past, the ships are large trade can only be valid in Madura strait but a bit closer to the waters of Surabaya. Then, for discharge or load cargo items are used barges or ships schooner.

After the small ships were loading goods in the middle of the sea, with ships speedily Kalimas browse until you reach the main port at the time was the port city of Surabaya. And that location is the heart of the city.

With a name Heeresentraat (now being around Eagle and Kembang Jepun street) which is the central business of loading and unloading. Between the two roads, the existing bridge that stretches over Kalimas. And the bridge it is called Roode Brug or Red Bridge. At that time the Port of Tanjung Perak is unavailable, while the sea port located at the mouth of Kalimas.

Areas along the Kalimas divided into 2 parts, namely Westerkade Kalimas (west Kalimas) and Osterkade Kalimas (east Kalimas) or so-called residents of Surabaya and the area west times wetan times. Regional wetan times a trade area, ranging from Kembang Jepun, beauty, Kapasan, up North towards the road KH Mansour (Pegirian, Nyamplungan and so forth). Which includes areas such as road west times Gresik, near Tanjung Perak Kalisosok and West.

Kalimas along the river in 1925, many factories stand which is the industrial sector in the city of Surabaya. Nature of cultural heritage is not really an icon of a city. More than that is a valuable artifact. If we browse the Surabaya city surrounded by the river that connects the small and big rivers.

At the present time is realized as tourist attractions that need to be preserved and developed, to commemorate Kalimas river as a place of trade and water ports, where mangkalnya small boats along the river Kalimas and citizen participation in maintaining the cleanliness of supported along the river Kalimas Surabaya City Government held a variety of activities such as ornamental boat.

Source : http://www.surabaya.go.id/dinamis/?id=641

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